August 2014 - Masters World Championships

15th FINA World Masters Championships

Montréal August 3 - 10, 2014

O.R.C.A.S. Pod

Just a wee note to say how very proud and pleased I was with your performances at the World Masters’ Swimming Championships in Montreal. The road to Montreal was not paved with yellow bricks in any way; more appropriately the surface was blue and quite liquid. And, as most of you noted, there was some “against the current” sections, whenever you encountered an inflow jet. And yet, I would have to say that the jets likely helped you achieve all those personal best times.

I said at the Club Dinner (thanks again, Mikey 2 and family) that Thursday Relay Day was the best day I have enjoyed in the pool ever. Not because I ripped the arse out of my swimwear, but because you all competed. By that I mean you all went out hard and reeled in the other teams, even when it looked as if they had an insurmountable lead. And the ORCAS head-to-head battle was pure entertainment.

That is not to say that the individual results weren’t impressive...the sub 30s; the first long course swims ever; and all the PBTs. Truly something to build on for The Li’l Club That Could.

Congratulations to all the swimmers for a terrific week of swimming. And mille mercis to Lindsay for keeping us all on track. You supporters that also took the Road To Montreal were fantastic; it is a fabulous feeling when a swimmer gets on the dreaded start block, but then realizes that he/she has friends in the crowd. Oi! Oi! or however the ORCAS call translates into print.

Coach Don

Here are some pre-Worlds posts...

We would like to invite all ORCAS to Montréal on Thursday, August 7th to cheer on the team relays.

The competition will be taking place at Parc-Jean Drapeau in Montréal.

Men's and Women's individual events will alternate each day between the main pool on Île Sainte-Hélène (8) and the secondary pool on Île Notre-Dame (16).

All relays will take place at the main pool on Île Sainte-Hélène on Thursday, August 7th.

The 3km Open Water event will take place in the Olympic Rowing Basin (14). 

Please see the schedule below for each day of competition (click on the tabs to see the schedule for Women, Men or Relays). Heat and Lane assignments will be added to the spreadsheet when they become available.

Congratulations and good luck to the 20 swimmers representing the ORCAS at the World Championships!

Event List for Worlds

Congratulations also to Mike W., Ian, John & Michelle who posted qualifying times in competition this season but are not attending the World Championships.

Qualification Standards