September 2012

posted Jun 11, 2013, 5:01 PM by Mike Partridge
September 2012 – ORCAS Newsletter

Message from the President:

Hello fellow swimmers. I know that we are all very excited to be heading back to the pool. Your executive team have already met and I am happy to communicate the following to you:

·         Coco and Don have been busy getting us hooked up with Diffusion Aquasport for all our swimming needs. They are going to be providing us with a similar discount to what the team had before on our team orders. In addition, if ORCA members head to the store, they will get a discount too! This means, we can go and try on the styles and sizes before we order.

·         ORCAs will be getting a team suit and cap. The caps are on their way and will be available soon. The suits are going to be ordered in September. These will be basic training suits and have the team logo on them.

·         The executive will be hosting an annual meeting this year. This will be an opportunity for swimmers to come forward with any ideas/concerns they have. Date to come.

·         All the executive members are happy to return to our posts this year, so we have decided to make them 2 year terms. We are looking for a communications guru to join our team, someone who can send out the newsletter and possibly be a webmaster if we get a website.

·         Yes, we are hoping to get a website…. We are exploring options… if anyone is an expert and can help with a free option, let us know!

·         We are going to have another fun meet since last year’s was so successful! This date will get nailed down when we meet in September.

·         Nationals will be held in OTTAWA this year! This is a huge opportunity for us to compete in our home town and represent. We are going to try and set up a good competitive schedule to get everyone comfortable before then.

·         Coach Don was wondering if anyone is interested in taking their coaching certificate? It would be great to have some in house team coaches.

Anyways, that is some of the news … more importantly… back to getting back to the pool. I am sure that coach Don and Coco are planning to ease us into it … right?!? See you at the pool.

Find some inspiration:

Coaches’ corner:

 Level 1 coaching courses are being held in Ottawa in Oct and Nov. If you are interested, talk to Don!

 Social Events:

Last year we visited a range of local establishments for one social breakfast and one « re-hydration » session each month.  This season we kick off with apres-practice breakfast at Broadway Bar & Grill,September 29th.  See you there!

Meet Info :

More details to come but save these dates!

Swim Ottawa is hosting a meet on October 27th.

Technosport is hosting December 2nd.
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